Facebook is Discontinuing API Access to their Page Public Content …

[Update: Sep 5, 2019] Despite our best effort, Facebook review team felt that Netlytic’s use of their Page Public Content API is no longer a valid use case. As a Netlytic user, you will still have access to your existing datasets, but will not be able to retrieve new posts from Facebook. And while the loss of access to this valuable data source for academic research is very unfortunate; with Netlytic, you are still able to collect and study public opinions from sources like Twitter, YouTube and blogs (via RSS feed import option). You are also able to analyze your own datasets with Netlytic by importing them via our Text/CSV File or Google Spreadsheet import options. On this note, we would also like to invite you to try our new research tool called Communalyzer, designed to analyze public discourse and group formation on reddit.

As of Septemberr 5, 2019, Facebook has discontinued access to the Page Public Content API. This API is what enabled third-party apps such as Netlytic to collect publicly available posts and comments for research.

We realized how important this API is to some of our academic users. To ensure continuing access to this API, we are in the process of submitting Netlytic to Facebook for an App Review.

Unfortunately, the outcome of the App Review process is unpredictable and we’re not able to guarantee access to Facebook Public Pages beyond September 4, 2019.

We’ll post another update as soon as we have more information.

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