Welcome instructors!

Netlytic has been used for teaching and research in over 100 universities and institutions world wide. We’d love to hear from students and instructors on the creative ways they are using Netlytic. We encourage you to explore and modify the resources below to meet your classroom needs.

PDF and Word versions of each assignment below are provided should you wish to upload to your institutions learning management system, such as BlackBoard Learn or Moodle.

This quick and easy getting started guide, provides an overview of how to sign up for a Netlytic account, walks through the features and visualizations available to users and lists helpful resources for students and teachers.

Getting Started with Netlytic (PDF)

Are looking for a creative way to introduce students to social media data and social network analysis? Checkout our sample assignments, available in both PDF and Word. Please feel free to tailor content to suit course needs and distribution in class or on your learning management system, like Blackboard Learn.
  • Assignment 1: Text and Network Discovery
    • Assignment 2: The Learning Network: Class Hashtag
    • Assignment 3: It’s All About the Data: Working with CSV Files
    • Assignment 4: An Organizational Comparative Analysis
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