Netlytic Video Tutorials

New to Netlytic? Below are some great resources to get you started. We have a number of video tutorials and guides to walk you through how to set up an account, import data from a variety of sources, and use Netlytic’s text and network analysis features.

Have questions? Check out our extensive FAQ Page.

Introductory Information

Welcome to Netlytic's Tutorials! Netlytic is a cloud-based text and social networks analyzer that can automatically summarize and discover social networks from online conversations on social media sites. This tutorial will walk through how to set up a Netlytic account so you can begin to collect and analyze social media data and make sense of online conversations.

The resources listed below provide important tips and information to get you started with Netlytic.

Documentation Guide: Systems Overview
Documentation Guide: Getting Started with Netlytic (PDF)

This tutorial will walk through your dataset home screen. Here you will learn how to read all of information provided for each dataset. The icons on the home screen also offer the ability for users to share and download datasets.
Once data has been imported from your selected source, this tutorial will walk through the features available in the preview screen


Netlytic's tutorial on how to import data from Twitter.

Documentation Guide: Data Source: Twitter
As of Sept 5, 2019, Facebook disabled access to its API.
As of Dec 11, 2018, Facebook has disabled the Instagram API.
Netlytic allows you to import the comments from YouTube videos to understand and visualize conversations. This tutorial will walk through the import process.

Documentation Guide: Data Source: YouTube
Let's take a look at how you can import data from RSS Feeds into Netlytic for analysis.

Documentation Guide: Data Source: RSS Feeds
You can upload a text (.txt) or .csv file to Netlytic for analysis from your device or by way of cloud storage including a google drive or dropbox.

The files must follow a specific format in order for the importer to properly read the information. Formatting instructions can be found on our text file quick guide (provided below) as well, trouble shooting formatting errors can be found in our FAQ Troubleshooting section.

Documentation Guide: Data Source: Text File
Documentation Guide: Data Source: Cloud Storage

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Text & Network Analysis

The resource below will help you to understand the features and visualizations available for text analysis.The tutorials are provided in two parts.
Text Analysis Part 1 (Keywords): covers the analysis, visualizations and features for keywords including tag word clouds and a stacked graph to illustrate words over time.

Documentation Guide: Text Analysis
Text Analysis Part 2 (Categories): covers the analysis and visualizations for categories, or a topical analysis of your data. The tutorial will also walk through how to customize categories.

Documentation Guide: Category (Topical) Analysis
The resource below will help you to understand the features and visualizations available for network analysis.
Network Analysis Part 1: This tutorial discusses social network analysis and walks through the basics of how to clean your data by aggregating and removing “false-positive” aliases.

Documentation Guide: Network Analysis/Visualization
Text Analysis Part 2: The second tutorial looks at the network analysis features available in Netlytic to help explore and discover the social aspects of datasets.

Documentation Guide: Network Analysis/Visualization