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May 2017

  • May 4, 2017: Due to a technical issue on the Twitter API side, Netlytic’s live collector couldn’t pull new messages between around 9am (ET) and 5pm (ET). If there were more than 1000 tweets generated based on your search query during this period, there is a chance that some tweets would be missed in your dataset(s).

March 2017

  • Due to an unscheduled database server maintenance, the live collections couldn’t collect new messages between Mar-30 10:51pm(ET) and Mar-31 4:00am(ET). Sorry for any inconvenience. 

October 2016

  • Network Visualization: added support of datasets where usernames may contain non-English/special characters
  • Keyword Extractor/World Clout: Added stop words removal in German

September 2016

  • Facebook data collection: added collection of 2-level replies (reply to reply) for Tier 3 accounts
  • Added support for Import / Export of Text Categories

August 2016

  • Added “filter” field to new Instagram data. Contains the name of the photo filter used to modify the image (“Normal” if no filter was used).
  • Added “lang” field to new Twitter data. Contains the auto-detected language of the tweet (e.g. “en”, “fr”, etc).

July 2016

  • We were alerted to an issue with some Facebook datasets’ timestamps. In rare cases the timestamp for some Facebook posts may have been offset by ⁺∕- 10 hours when imported to Netlytic. This should now be fixed. This only applies to users who exported affected Facebook datasets from Netlytic for external analysis. Netlytic’s web tools, including network visualization, are not impacted by this issue.

June 2016

  • On June 1, 2016, Instagram disabled 3rd party applications that were not approved by them. Netlytic was approved by Instagram, however, the API key we used to collect data did not reflect this approval. Therefore Netlytic could not collect data from Instagram from June 1 to 6, 2016. To fix this issue, you will need to re-authorize your Instagram account under the My Account tab. Sorry for the inconvenience.

April 2016

  • Due to an unscheduled server update, the live collections couldn’t collect new messages between Apr-12 3pm(ET) and Apr-13 10pm(ET). 

March 2016

  • On March 24 we were alerted to an issue with collecting data from popular Facebook pages. Some popular pages that receive a high number of user comments on their posts were not collected, as the Facebook API would return an error. We now automatically detect these cases, and reduce the data requested from the API to allow these pages to be collected.

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