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Analyzing toxicity in social media posts with a custom dictionary

To examine how many posts in your dataset contain toxic words or phrases, you can use a pre-compiled dictionary of toxic terms and swear words, developed as part of the following publication: K. Hazel Kwon, & Anatoliy Gruzd. (2017). Is

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How to use SentiStrength to analyze tweets collected with Netlytic

Note: the instructions are tested on a PC computer with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365. In Netlytic (under My Datasets), download one of your Twitter datasets from Netlytic to your computer as a CSV file: Open the downloaded dataset

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How to use Twitter’s Advanced Search Operators

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Tutorial: Exploring #ExploreCanada via Social Network Analysis (SNA)

Dataset Type: a CSV file containing messages from Twitter Step 1: Download the practice dataset to your computer: ExploreCanada.csv  Step 2: Login to with your Google or Yahoo ID (or create a “standard” account) Step 3: Import the sample dataset from Step 1

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Tutorial: Social Media Data Collection & Network Analysis with Netlytic and R


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