Tier-3 Upgrade

Support hosting of the Netlytic server by upgrading to “Tier 3”!


All “Tier 3” accounts include the following features:

+   Storage of up to 10M records, based on 100 datasets per account and up to 100,000 records per dataset*

+   Advanced Twitter data collector (up to 1000 tweets/per 15 minutes)**

+   Collection of up to 100K tweets posted within the past 7 days**

+   Priority email support

Enter your Netlytic email/user


*When a dataset reaches 100k records, Netlytic will automatically continue data collection as a new dataset.

**Subject to the Twitter API Terms of Service

***The processing speed is subject to the server workload at the time of use, your Internet connection speed and the speed of your computer/browser used to access Netlytic.