Data Source: Text File

This option allows you to import messages from a text file by uploading files to the Netlytic server (see Figure 1). If your dataset includes more than one text file, you will need to upload and import one file at the time.

WebUpdates-Text import page

Figure 1: Text File import page.

Currently, Netlytic can parse two types of text files:

    • Text File Type 1: CSV file

If the .txt file that you are uploading is in a CSV file format, be sure to click the check box beside “CSV file?” to confirm the file type before clicking the “Save & Import” button (see Figure 2). Please note that the first line in your CSV should include the columns’ names. (Note: a CSV file can be generated using a program such as MS Excel. In Excel, you can start by opening your file as normal and then go to “Save as” in the “File” menu. When the “Save as” window pops up, select “CSV (Comma delimited)” from the drop down menu for “Save as type”). (Note: Your file name must not contain any spaces).

Headers must be in lower case and follow the following format:

Required (Minimum)

author this is whom the message is being sent by
to this is who recieved the message

Additional Headers

description or title this is the body of the message. The header can also be labeled as title. This is needed for text analysis.
pubdate (if you have this information) to have the following format: 15-07-07 (year-month-day)
coords geographic coordinates where format looks like : 50.9828754,-114.10260437 (latitude,longitude). Please note you need the comma to separate the measures.


  • Text File Type 2: Full-text transcripts with headers. For example:


Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 14:10:17 -0400

Subject: Origin of the term “Internet” ?



I would prefer to not have to do it, but each time I try to submit a course paper without it capitalized, …

Be sure to enter a name for each of your datasets, and then click the “Browse” button to locate the desired text file on your hard drive. Once you see the green check mark confirming that your file has been uploaded successfully, click the “Save & Import” button (see Figure 2).

WebUpdates-Text-import screen

Figure 2: Text file import screen.

If Netlytic was able to successfully gather data for the specified text file, you will be sent to the text analysis screen. If, however, the text file did not include specified headers, you will see the message: “Error: Something went wrong! System message: Your data source is empty!” (see Figure 3). If this message appears, return to the import screen and ensure that your text file is in the appropriate format.

Text File_Import FailureFigure 3: Text file import failure.