Data Source: Twitter

Here you can import a collection of Tweets using keywords with operators, hashtags, or @usernames (see Figure 1). To do this, you must first link your Twitter account with Netlytic as prompted under the “Twitter Feed” tab.

Netlytic-Figure 1- Twitter import page
Figure 1: Twitter import page.

Under the “Twitter” import tab, there are two fields to be filled out (see Figure 2). In the “Dataset Name” field, users may choose to enter a name to identify their dataset (e.g., “Canadian Politics”) enabling them to locate the data set at a later time under the “My Datasets” tab. As with the other import options, the dataset will be automatically added to the rest of your account datasets.

The second field, “Twitter Search Terms,” must be completed, as the information entered in this field is used to collect Twitter data. First, decide which keyword, hashtag or @username best captures the dataset you’re interested in, and enter that information into the Netlytic import “Twitter Search Terms” (e.g., #cdnpoli). To separate multiple search terms, hashtags or users, you must use “AND” or  “OR” rather then commas or spaces.

Netlytic- Figure 2- Twitter import fields

Figure 2: Twitter import fields.

*Please Note: click “see all options” to access Twitter’s Advanced Search. This will help to develop the initial search query. Once users have found a search query that retrieves relevant tweets, this search string can be copied from the Twitter search bar over to Netlytic. 

Then, once users have entered their search terms, they can choose the duration of data collection. Netlytic allows users to collect Twitter data for 1, 3, 7, 14, or 21 days. Finally, after users have completed inputting the required information for their data collection, they simply click the “Import” button.

If Netlytic was able to successfully gather data for the specified search terms, the screen will show the number of results (see Figure 3).

Twitter_Import SuccessFigure 3: Successful Twitter import.

If, however, there were no Twitter data available for the specified search term(s), you will see the message: “Error: Something went wrong! System message: Your data source is empty!” (see Figure 4). If this message appears, return to the import screen and check that you entered the correct term or try using a different search term.

Twitter_Import FailureFigure 4: Failed Twitter import.