Assignment 4

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[Please feel free to modify/reuse this assignment in your class]

Sample Social Media Analytics Assignment 

It’s All About the Data: Working with CSV Files


  • Objective 1:Introduce students to building data and understanding how network visualizations are created;
  • Objective 2:Learn how to convert data into specific formats to be used in open source analysis tool; and
  • Objective 3:Create a chain network to understand how raw data is transformed to visualize a learning network.

Software: Netlytic (

Software Documentation (Videos and Guides):

Data source: Publically available social media data from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. Datasets for this assignment will be collected by students using Netlytic.


  • Instructor to divide class into groups of 5-6 students
  • Students to review Netlytic Tutorials on importing using Text Files, Text Analysis and Network Analysis

Main Steps

      1. In assigned groups,each student will create a spreadsheet with the headers “from” and “to” to record their learning interactions with others in the group. In the “from” column, students will place their name; in the “to” column, students will list all of the other members in the groups that they have worked with in class or on a project.



      2. Students will then aggregate all of the individual lists to create a master list and share with all members of the group.
      3. Next, students will save the file in CSV format and upload to Netlytic. Once the file has been properly uploaded students will run the network analysis and create a chain network to visualize their learning network

Submission & Discussion

Students will submit a 1-page summary of their experience creating the dataset as a CSV, any challenges arising with formatting and conversion, and provide a screenshot of the chain network along with a brief explanation of the groups learning network.